Sentence Examples

  • Each wing forms a mobile helix or screw.
  • Proposition 30 describes the construction of a curve of double curvature called by Pappus the helix on a sphere; it is described by a point moving uniformly along the arc of a great circle, which itself turns about its diameter uniformly, the point describing a quadrant and the great circle a complete revolution in the same time.
  • If a helix be described round the screw, crossing each turn of the thread at right angles, the distance between two corresponding points on two successive turns of the same thread, measured along this normal helix, may be called the normal pitch; and when the screw has more than one thread the normal pitch from thread to thread may be called the normal divided pitch.
  • In the steady motion under no force of such a body in medium, the centre of gravity describes a helix, while the axis escribes a cone round the direction of motion of the centre of ravity, and the couple causing precession is due to the dislacement of the medium.
  • Such a complex motion is called screw-like or helical motion; for each point in the body describes a helix or screw round the axis of rotation, fixed or instantaneous as the case may ~ be.