Sentence Examples

  • A classic style is sure to make you look beautiful and polished while avoiding seasonal trends, and a classic look works with any style dress, whether you plan on wearing a slinky modern sheath or a full fairytale inspired ball gown.
  • A surprising outcome, however, is that they wind up with a Borg crewmember, the slinky catsuited Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), who assumes from the Doctor the traditional Star Trek function of exploring 'what it means to be human'.
  • You probably wouldn't want to make your own sexy bunny costume, but if you have a slinky piece of lingerie in black or pink you could probably make a good substitute as long as you don't want to leave the house in it.
  • Pull the chairs apart until the monofilament line is taut.There are many things that can be taught using a slinky including learning what types of nodes there are, antinodes, sound columns and longitudinal waves.
  • Over that time some of the original toys have been sold in yard sales, but Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Jessie and Bullseye, Rex, Slinky, the Army Men, Hamm and the aliens are still together.