Sentence Examples

  • The volute buttresses, each crowned with a statue, add quaintly but happily to the general effect.
  • It is some five feet long, ending at the top in a crook (volute) bent inwards, and made of metal, ivory or wood.
  • Finally, at the close of the middle ages, the lower part of the crook was bent outwards so that the actual volute came over the middle of the knob, the type that remained dominant from that time onwards (8).
  • KciOETOS, a perpendicular line), in architecture the eye of the volute, so termed because its position is determined, in an Ionic or voluted capital, by a line let down from the point in which the volute generates.
  • The term was applied in architecture to various forms of ornamentation taking the shape of a scroll, such as the volute of an Ionian capital.