Sentence Examples

  • The centroid is at distance 8R from the plane face.
  • The angle 0 the curve through the several points 0,,,, is th~ centroid which may be imagined as formed by an extensior of the material of the link a.
  • The " central ordinate " is the ordinate through the centroid of the trapezette (§ 32).
  • The ordinate through the centroid of the figure is the ' ` central ordinate."
  • In the case, therefore, of any solid whose cross-section at distance x from one end is a quadratic function of x, the position of the crosssection through the centroid is to be found by determining the position of the centre of gravity of particles of masses proportional to So, S2, and 4S 1, placed at the extremities and the middle of a line drawn from one end of the solid to the other.

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