Sentence Examples

  • The district possesses many natural attractions, and is one of the most fertile in central Europe.
  • Brunn's attractions must be shown him.
  • A visit to the Rhine, where new interests and the attractions of Maximiliane von Laroche, a daughter of Wieland's friend, the novelist Sophie von Laroche, brought partial healing; his intense preoccupation with literary work on his return to Frankfort did the rest.
  • The constant abundance of food, stable amount of water, innumerable hidingplaces in the mud, under the banks, amongst the reeds and roots of the floating islands which are scattered all over them, - all these points are inducements or attractions so great that the creatures remain in their paradise and consequently retain all those larval features which are not directly connected with sexual maturity.
  • Greenish colour, so that they offer no attractions to insect visitors and their form is correspondingly regular.