Sentence Examples

  • That such vast excavations should have been made without attracting attention, and that such an immense number of corpses could have been carried to burial in perfect secrecy is utterly impossible.
  • There he soon became conspicuous both as a lawyer and as a politician, attracting particular attention by his speeches during the presidential campaign of 1888 on behalf of the candidates of the Democratic party.
  • The second Fronde was largely her work, and in it she played the most prominent part in attracting to the rebels first Conde and later Turenne.
  • The sepals are generally organs for the protection of the flower-bud; the petals, for attracting insects by their conspicuous form and color; the foliage-leaves, for the assimilation of carbon dioxide and other associated functions.
  • Personally he had that which is the truest mark of nobility of mind, a power of attracting love and winning faithful friends.

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