Sentence Examples

  • We gave him our assurances we'd not violate his trust though I thought Betsy's suggestion was reasonable.
  • Sworn assurances you or your people will not pursue our identity in any way and you'll do all in your power to protect our anonymity.
  • The only modicum of solace she felt came from Fred O'Connor's jailhouse assurances that Martha was not in harm's way.
  • I want assurances from you and that horrid old Mr. O'Connor that the integrity of my family name will not be stained with unproven lies!
  • Kris said nothing.  Rhyn's assurances that Hannah was safe in Hell didn't sit well with him.  Kris followed the half-demon without knowing where they might be headed, instead thinking of just how bad of a situation he'd left Kiki in.

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