Sentence Examples

  • The king gave a sign of yielding, appointing the brother of Marillac, Marie's counsellor, to the command of the army in Italy.
  • Danby in appointing a new secretary of state had preferred Sir W.
  • Cranmer returned in September 1530, but in January 1531 he received a second commission from the king appointing him " Conciliarius Regius et ad Caesarem Orator."
  • The clergy, thus deprived of its wealth, privileges and jurisdiction, is further to be deprived of independence, for the civil power is to have the right of appointing to benefices, &c. The supreme authority in the church is to be the council, but a council summoned by the emperor.
  • Granted to the city by charter the right of appointing its own sheriffs; this was a great privilege, which, however, was recalled in the reigns of Henry II.