Sentence Examples

  • During the War of 1812 he was active in equipping and arming the New York militia.
  • But the queen is said to have refused it, saying that the money would be better spent equipping a man-of-war.
  • In 1906 Alfred Beit bequeathed £200,000 towards the cost of erecting and equipping university buildings.
  • In 1746 he was made commissary of the province for Indian affairs, and was influential in enlisting and equipping the Six Nations for participation in the warfare with French Canada, two years later (1748) being placed in command of a line of outposts on the New York frontier.
  • The policy of encouraging the provision of ample cold-storage accommodation has been developed still further by the Cold Storage Act of the Dominion parliament passed in 1907, under which subsidies are granted in part payment of the cost of erecting and equipping cold-storage warehouses in Canada for the preservation of perishable foodproducts.