Sentence Examples

  • If we satisfy our appetites, we do so without forgetting that throughout the night we must say our prayers to God.
  • The chef's cooking let off a malodorous scent, causing some guests to lose their appetites.
  • The former touched only the more highly educated classes; while to the latter, where privileged individuals alone had entry, novelties were but an undiluted stimulant for the jaded appetites of persons whose ideas of good-breeding, moreover, would have drawn the line at martyrdom.
  • Married to a woman of loose morals, and afterwards to a devout Italian, he was gross and vulgar in his appetites and pleasures.
  • He was a man of vast physical energy, of inexhaustible mental activity, of quick passions and violent appetites; vain, restless, greedy of gold and pleasure and fame; unable to stay quiet in one place, and perpetually engaged in quarrels with his compeers.

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