Sentence Examples

  • If we satisfy our appetites, we do so without forgetting that throughout the night we must say our prayers to God.
  • Elizabeth had inherited her father's sensual temperament and, being free from all control, abandoned herself to her appetites without reserve.
  • " It is only through the more and more marked influence of the reason over the general conduct of man and of society, that the gradual march of our race has attained that regularity and persevering continuity which distinguish it so radically from the desultory and barren expansion of even the highest animal orders, which share, and with enhanced strength, the appetites, the passions, and even the primary sentiments of man."
  • (I) In the first place man as an individual is a complex of appetites, passions, affections, more or less perfectly controlled by the central reason.
  • Even in his motives and his impulses, in his mental attitude towards outward surroundings, in his appetites and aversions, inherited tendency and environment have been found to play a very large part; indeed many thinkers hold that the whole of a man's development, mental as well.

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