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  • Painful relations between father and son, quite apart from the personal antipathies already existing, were therefore inevitable.
  • With his defects of temper, his violent antipathies, his extravagant notion of papal prerogative, his pontificate was filled with strife.
  • Rivalry in fishing and in trading, coupled with ancient antipathies inherited from the various mainland cities of origin, were no doubt the cause of these internecine feuds.
  • The terms " Reformation " and " Protestantism " are inherited by the modern historian; they are not of his devising, and come to him laden with reminiscences of all the exalted enthusiasms and bitter antipathies engendered by a period of fervid religious dissension.
  • In view of these antipathies the treaty of 1627 between France, Spain and the pope is but an episode: instructive, however, in that the project, originated apparently by the pope, provided that England should be dismembered, and that Ireland should be treated as a papal fief.

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