Sentence Examples

  • The allotments could be redeemed by them with the help of the crown, and then they were freed from all obligations to the landlord.
  • Provinces, where the land was valued cheaper and the allotments somewhat increased after the Polish insurrection, the general situation might be better were it not for the former misery of the peasants.
  • Protected as they were by the right of self-government, exempted from military service, and endowed with considerable allotments of good land, these colonies are much wealthier than the neighbouring Russian peasants, from whom they have adopted the slowly modified village community.
  • The peasants proper received their houses and orchards, and allotments of arable land.
  • These allotments were given over to the rural commune (mir), which was made responsible, as a whole, for the payment of taxes for the allotments.