Sentence Examples

  • 6 Kuos 6 iv 'H0aca-ria), and their allotments were politically part of Attic soil.
  • The peasants proper received their houses and orchards, and allotments of arable land.
  • For these allotments the peasants had to pay, as before, either by personal labour or by a fixed rent.
  • The allotments could be redeemed by them with the help of the crown, and then they were freed from all obligations to the landlord.
  • The redemption was not calculated on the value of the allotments of land, but was considered as a compensation for the loss of the compulsory labour of the serfs; so that throughout Russia, with the exception of a few provinces in the S.E., it was - and still remains, notwithstanding a very great increase in the value of land - much higher than the market value of the allotment.