Sentence Examples

  • We know too little of the facts to allot blame to either of them.
  • They were much missed, but fifteen years elapsed before Sir James Graham (then home secretary) decided to allot a few constables in plain clothes for that purpose as a tentative measure.
  • The Gautsch redistribution bill proposed to increase the number of constituencies from 4 2 5 to 455, to allot a fixed number of constituencies to each province and, within each province, to each race according to its numbers and tax-paying capacity.
  • Under the Allotments Acts 1887 to 1907, it is the duty of a county council to ascertain the extent to which there is a demand for Allot allotments in the urban districts and parishes in the county,.
  • Under the Allotment Acts district councils were empowered to provide allotments for the labouring population of their district, if they were satisfied that there was a demand for allot- Allot- ments, that these could not be obtained at a reasonable meats.