Sentence Examples

  • It was a long night, but a nice night; certainly not a night with an adequate allotment of sleep—not with the naked body of beautiful Betty from Boise beside him and a world gone topsy-turvy, and wondering lord knows what lay ahead in the towering mountains that surrounded them.
  • A day, with free shelter and an allotment for private cultivation.
  • One quarter of them have received allotments of only 2.9 acres per male, and one-half less than 8.5 to 11.4 acres - the normal size of the allotment necessary to the subsistence of a family under the three-fields system being estimated at 28 to 42 acres.
  • The average allotment in Kherson is only 0.90 acre, and for allotments from 2.9 to 5.8 acres the peasants pay 5 to 10 roubles of redemption tax.
  • The election took place in the same year (1889) of the first county councils, and the allotment to them of various sums of money under the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Act 1890 enabled local provision to be made for the promotion of technical instruction in agriculture (see below, Agricultural Education).

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