Sentence Examples

  • It is well known that in the vegetable kingdom the protoplasm of one cell frequently overflows into that of cells adjacent - that there is, as it were, a continuous network of protoplasm (idioplasm of Nageli) prevailing throughout vegetable tissues, rather than an aggregation of isolated units.
  • AGGREGATION (from the Lat.
  • By this is meant the aggregation into clumps of the bacteria uniformly distributed (natiai n an indifferent fluid; if the bacterium is motile its movement is arrested during the process.
  • Consequently the type of epic poem which would be produced by an aggregation of shorter lays is not the type which we have in the Iliad.
  • Thus, as the atomic weight increases, the state of aggregation changes from that of a gas in the case of fluorine and chlorine, to that of a liquid (bromine) and finally to that of the solid (iodine); at the same time the melting and boiling points rise with increasing atomic weights.

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