Sentence Examples

  • "Now, please, without further ado, explain," he said, in an attempt to control the conversation.
  • Hence, if a be the width of the diffracted beam, and do the angle through which the wave-front is turned, ado = dX, or dispersion = /a ..
  • By Ado of Vienne and Hincmar of Reims), and it was employed by two Frankish popes, Gregory V.
  • (February 1878) his successor, Leo XIII., at once showed himself willing to come to terms. Negotiations were long and difficult; for Bismarck would not abolish the May laws outright, and Leo had much ado to hold in check the zelanti of the Vatican.
  • Died in Septe i ber 1197, some of the princes under the leadership of Ado ph, archbishop of Cologne, were anxious to find a rival to P ilip, duke of Swabia, who had been elected German king.