Sentence Examples

  • Some people will have a hard time adjusting to the new reality.
  • Counties are divided into townships and under the constitution each " shall constitute a body politic and corporate," but in 1910 there were no separate township govern-' ments, the existing division of counties into townships being for the purpose of convenience in adjusting taxes.
  • Tobias Mayer of Göttingen (1723-1762) originated the mode of adjusting transit-instruments still in vogue; drew up a catalogue of nearly a thousand zodiacal stars (published posthumously in 1775); and deduced the proper motions of eighty stars from a comparison of their places as given by Olaus Romer in 1706 with those obtained by himself in 1756.
  • The beam must be provided with a small ball of metal which can be screwed up and down a stem on the top of the beam for the purpose of accurately adjusting the position of the centre of gravity, and there should be a small adjustable weight on a fine screw projecting horizontally from one end of the beam for the purpose of accurately balancing the arms.
  • By testing the beam with the scale-pans attached and equal weights in the pans, and noting carefully the position which it takes up; and then interchanging the scale-pans, &c., and again noting the position which the beam takes up, a correct inference can be drawn as to the causes of error; and if after slightly altering or adjusting the knife-edges and scale-pans in the direction indicated by the experiment, the operation is repeated, any required degree of accuracy may be ob - tained by successive approximations.

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