Sentence Examples

  • (III.) Again in (I.) transposing a x (bc) to the other side and squaring, we obtain 2(ac) (bc)axbx = (bc) 2 a'+(ac) 2 bx- (ab) 2 c1.
  • Dinostratus, a Greek geometer and disciple of Plato, discussed the curve, and showed how it effected a mechanical solution of squaring the circle.
  • Lastly he gave an infinite product for the number it (see Circle, Squaring Of).
  • It became known as the "Delian problem" or the "problem of the duplication of the cube," and ranks in historical importance with the problems of "trisecting an angle" and "squaring the circle."
  • The Pythagorean discovery of "squaring a square," i.e.

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