Sentence Examples

  • From the Table I., or by quadrature of the curve in fig.
  • The second includes a "Method for the Quadrature of Parabolas," and a treatise "on Maxima and Minima, on Tangents, and on Centres of Gravity," containing the same solutions of a variety of problems as were afterwards incorporated into the more extensive method of fluxions by Newton and Leibnitz.
  • He studied the properties of the cycloid, and attempted the problem of its quadrature; and in the "infinitesimals," which he was one of the first to introduce into geometrical demonstrations, was contained the fruitful germ of the differential calculus.
  • Equation of the centre and evection are, at quadrature 6.29° sin g+I 27° sin g= 7.56° sin g.
  • When the satellite is in quadrature the convergence of the lines of attraction toward the centre of the sun tends to bring the two bodies together.

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