Sentence Examples

  • From the Table I., or by quadrature of the curve in fig.
  • Thus he devoted some attention to the quadrature of surfaces and the cubature of solids, which he accomplished, in some of the simpler cases, by an original method which he called the "Method of Indivisibles"; but he lost much of the credit of the discovery as he kept his method for his own use,while Bonaventura Cavalieri published a similar method which he himself had invented.
  • Among his later poems may be mentioned La Divine Tragedie (1916) and La Quadrature de l'Amour (1920).
  • If a fourth integral is obtainable, the solution is reducible to quadrature, but this is not possible except in a limited series of cases, investigated by H.
  • Quadrator, squarer), in mathematics, a curve having ordinates which are a measure of the area (or quadrature) of another curve.