Sentence Examples

  • As regards simultaneous binary forms, the system of two quadratics, and of any number of quadratics, is alluded to above and has long been known.
  • The system of two ternary quadratics consists of 20 forms; it has been investigated by Gordan (Clebsch-Lindemann's Vorlesungen i.
  • Ciamberlini has found a system of 127 forms appertaining to three ternary quadratics (Batt.
  • 2 cos w xy+y 2 = X 2 +2 cos w'XY+Y2, from which it appears that the Boolian invariants of axe+2bxy-y2 are nothing more than the full invariants of the simultaneous quadratics ax2+2bxy+y2, x 2 +2 cos coxy+y2, the word invariant including here covariant.
  • He successfully considers the systems of two and three simultaneous ternary quadratics.