Sentence Examples

  • The next case is that in which u is a quadratic function of x, i.e.
  • (6) The least admissible value of p is that which makes the roots equal of this quadratic in µ, and then ICI s ec 0,, u= z - p (7) the roots would be imaginary for a value of p smaller than given by Cip 2 - 4(c 2 -c i)c2C 2 u 2 =o, (8) p2 = 4(c 2 -c l)cl C2.
  • But the bulk of the work consists of problems leading to indeterminate equations of the second degree, and these universally take the form that one or two (and never more) linear or quadratic functions of one variable x are to be made rational square numbers by finding a suitable value for x.
  • The transformation to the normal form, by the solution of a cubic and a quadratic, therefore, supplies a solution of the quartic. If (X�) is the modulus of the transformation by which a2 is reduced to 3 the normal form, i becomes (X /2) 4 i, and j, (Ap) 3 j; hence?
  • He also showed that every equation of an even degree must have at least one real quadratic factor, reduced the solution of linear differential equations to definite integrals, and furnished an elegant method by which the linear partial differential equation of the second order might be solved.