Sentence Examples

  • "Did not that levelling principle," he said, "tend to the reducing of all to an equality?
  • He won favor by these means, and completed the levelling down of classes, which had been proceeding ever since the emergence of the communes.
  • Rising above the Rock is Cole's Hill, where during their first winter in America the Pilgrims buried half their number, levelling the graves and sowing grain over them in the spring in order to conceal their misfortunes from the Indians.
  • It is probable that up to 1875, at least, there had been a larger outlay of labour, material and money, in reducing, levelling and reclaiming territory, and in straightening and widening thoroughfares 1 in Boston, than had been expended for the same purposes in all the other chief cities of the United States together.
  • They disliked his French origin, and suspected him to be a man of levelling principles.

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