Sentence Examples

  • Sofia gave Pierre a harried look, and Jule chuckled.
  • No wonder she had felt so harried for the last few months.
  • Foiled by the valour of the citizens, they sailed away and harried the coast from Essex to Hampshire. !Ethelred now resorted to the old experiment and bought them off for £16,000 and a promise of supplies.
  • Together Canute and Edric harried Mercia, and were preparing to reduce London, when Ethelred died there on the 23rd of April 1016.
  • Between 1320 and 1323 he harried the Florentines and defeated them several times, captured Pistoia, devastated their territory up to the walls of the city in spite of assistance from Naples under Raymundo de Cardona and the duke of Calabria (King Robert's son); never before had Florence been so humiliated, but while Castruccio was preparing to attack Florence he died in 1328.