Sentence Examples

  • He rubbed it, vexed, and spotted one zombie-vamp moving slower than the rest.
  • His researches from 1860 and onwards on the then vexed question of spontaneous generation proved that, in all cases where spontaneous generation appeared to have taken place, some defect or other was in the experiment.
  • The locality of the land of Cush has long been a much-vexed question.
  • Having thus disposed of this matter, the grievances of the barons are again considered, the vexed question of scutage being dealt with.
  • However, until more is known of the exact chemical composition of naturalas contrasted with agriculturalsoils, and until more is known of the physiological effects of lime, it is impossible to decide the vexed question of the relation of limeloving and lime-shunning plants to the presence or absence of calcium carbonate in the soil.

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