Sentence Examples

  • Having vainly besieged the fortress of Palestrina, he returned to Rome, where he treacherously seized the soldier of fortune, Fra Monreale, who was put to death, and where, by other cruel and arbitrary deeds, he soon lost the favour of the people.
  • Of the first three nothing is known, but Theodoric is said (Historia Brittonum) to have been besieged by the Welsh under Urien in Lindisfarne.
  • In [1 [o he was besieged in Edessa, and relieved by Baldwin I.; in 1114 he repelled an attack by Aksunkur of Mosul; in 1115 he helped to defeat Aksunkur at Danith.
  • In 282 (when consul) he defeated the Bruttians and Lucanians, who had besieged Thurii (Livy, Epit.
  • One of the strongest towns in Silesia it was besieged several times during the 17th and 18th centuries.

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