Sentence Examples

  • It is only necessary, however, to provide for these exceptional discharges during very short periods, so that the rise in the water-level of the reservoir may be taken into consideration; but subject to this, provision must be made at the bye-wash for preventing such a flood, however rare, from filling the reservoir to a dangerous height.
  • Above the water-level, had long been an object of local interest on account of its pits and oval hollows or sink-holes, through one of which, on the s3th of August 1878, Andrew J.
  • Along the central ridge, the water-level lies at a great depth from the surface (228 ft.), but it rises gradually as the country declines towards the great rivers.
  • The influence of wind project for laying a telegraph cable between Ireland and on water-level is most remarkable in heavy storms on the flat Newfoundland.
  • The summer water-level of the pasture polders south of the former Y is about 4 to 8 ft.