Sentence Examples

  • Nymphaea Alba Tuberosa - The vigorous Water-Lily of the United States, thriving in deep water, lifting its flowers high out of the water, and spreading rapidly by long tuberous offsets.
  • N. advena is the N American ally of our yellow Water-Lily, and resembling it, but larger and with leaves which stand erect out of the water, and is a much finer plant.
  • The most familiar Nuphar is the common Yellow Water-Lily (N. lutea), which inhabits many of our lakes and slow-running rivers.
  • Nymphaea Alba Froebeli - An improved form of the Swedish Water-Lily raised at Zurich, and of deeper color and stronger growth.
  • Yellow Water-Lily (Nuphar) - Bold water plants nearly allied to the Water-Lily, but not so handsome.