Sentence Examples

  • The commercial section of the city occupies a long, narrow beach between the water-line and bluffs, and contains the arsenal, exchange, custom-house, post-office, railway station, market and principal business houses.
  • The Columbia river canoe resembled that of the Amur, the bow and stern being pointed at the water-line.
  • One is to grease the float round its water-line so that the water is depressed round it.
  • Suppose the ship turns about an axis through F in the water-line area, perpendicular to the plane of the paper; denoting by y the distance of an element dA if the water-line area from the axis of rotation, the change of displacement is EydA tan 8, so that there is no change of displacement if EydA = o, that is, if the axis passes through the C.G.
  • An automatic sight is a sight connected in such a manner with the elevating gear of the gun, that when the sight is directed on the water-line of a target at any range the gun will ---- have the proper quadrant g B elevation for that range.