Sentence Examples

  • There is a diversity of underwater habitats present there.
  • Todd Essick: Known for his unique and beautiful underwater nude photography, Todd Essick attempts to fuse the beauty of the sea with the beauty of the female form, an allusion to Venus who came from the sea and was the goddess of beauty.
  • Not only can you count on Speedo to provide quality goggles, you can trust that the latest swim technology has been incorporated into their product, ensuring that you're receiving only the best underwater eye protection available.
  • The cruises take place on the 70-foot double-deck catamaran dubbed the "Spirit of Kona," which features two underwater viewing ports where you can watch dolphins, turtles and a variety of tropical fish in their natural habitat.
  • These days you can find a wide range of underwater photo accessories from rudimentary waterproof cameras that can be thrown away after a single-use to high tech water resistant housing units that retail for tens of thousands of dollars.