Sentence Examples

  • In addition, do not use slang or vulgarity unless you are sure he or she won't be offended.
  • Their respect for rank is not marred by any vulgarity or snobbery.
  • It depended for its prosperity upon the export of wheat, fish and slaves, and this commerce supported a class whose wealth and vulgarity are exemplified by the contents of the numerous tombs to which reference has been made.
  • Among the popular preachers vigour was often blended with coarseness and vulgarity.
  • 4 The same overmastering feeling which constrained Tacitus (Agric. 2, 3), when the time of long endurance and silence was over, to recall the " memory of the 3 Pliny's remarks on the vulgarity as well as the ostentation of his host imply that he regarded such behaviour as exceptional, at least in the circle in which he himself lived (Ep. ii.