Sentence Examples

  • It is difficult to allow the appositeness of this special illustration; on the other hand, Ford has even in this case shown his art of depicting sensual passion without grossness of expression; for the exception in Annabella's language to Soranzo seems to have a special intention, and is true to the pressure of the situation and the revulsion produced by it in a naturally weak and yielding mind.
  • Xxviii.) which denied the Real Presence was substituted one by Guest with the desire " not to deny the reality of the presence of the Body of Christ in the Supper, but only the grossness and sensibleness in the receiving thereof."
  • For the rest, he purified the stage of much of its grossness, and introduced a relative correctness of costume and decoration unknown before.
  • In the last of these he maintains that children who die unbaptized must be lost, the pure soul being defiled by the grossness of the body, and declares that God's will is not to be questioned.
  • The war thus begun, and known in Russian history as the The Rus- Thirteen Years' War, far exceeded even the Thirty sians invade Years' War in grossness and brutality.