Sentence Examples

  • He was present at the Marburg conference in 1529, at the Augsburg diet in 1530 and at the signing of the Schmalkald articles in 1537, and took part in other public transactions of importance in the history of the Reformation; that he had an exceptionally large number of personal enemies was due to his vehemence, coarseness and arrogance in controversy.
  • The larger materials include gravel of all degrees of coarseness; carbonaceous matter is often an important element.
  • The qualities, too have to be considered - the fulness of one, the flatness of the other, or the coarseness or fineness of the furs.
  • It had no pretensions to verbal accuracy, and the coarseness of the language was modified to suit European taste, but the narrative was adequately rendered.
  • This coarseness and the consequent brittleness are removed, by reheating them much above Ac 3, which also relieves the internal stresses due to the different rates at which different layers cool, and hence contract, during and after solidification.