Sentence Examples

  • For instance, if steel has been coarsened by heating to 1400° C., and if, when it has cooled to a lower temperature, say 850° C. we forge it, its grain-size and ductility when cold will be approximately those which it would have had if heated only to 850°.
  • So condensed and coarsened is the indwelling air-current of inorganic bodies that no trace of elasticity or life remains; it cannot even afford them the power of motion; all it can do is to hold them together Su va us), and, in technical language, Pneuma is present in stone or metal as a retaining principle (g t;ts=hold), explaining the attributes of continuity and numerical identity (rvvE X i) «al 1)vw J .zEva) which even these natural substances possess.
  • Medallion profile had coarsened, the obese body was often lymphatic. Mental degeneraNapoleon.