Sentence Examples

  • A voodoo priestess and her snake are both said to wander the confines of the graveyard.
  • While the world of SEO can feel overwhelming because so many of the techniques and search engine algorithm rules seem like voodoo, you can find very economical search engine optimization firms by following the guidelines listed above.
  • Since optimization services have a lot of "voodoo" science in the background, it's important that you can establish a good level of trust with the provider, and hiring a local firm can help with that.
  • Must-visit locations in New Orleans for ghost hunters include St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 and St. Louis Cemetery Number 2, particularly the tomb of Marie Laveau, a famous voodoo practitioner.
  • What is news is the fact that this woman who was incoherently mumbling to her webcam not so long ago, somehow, maybe by some sort of voodoo magic, landed herself a billionaire.