Sentence Examples

  • In this respect it was an important factor in the rise of that middle-class literature which found its most virile expression in the period of the Reformation.
  • Though he discharged his civic duties in spite of a frail physique, he emphasized the sorrows of life; and yet he advocated no hopeless resignation, but rather the remedy of work, and took as his model Heracles, the embodiment of virile activity.
  • Power seems to have somewhat spoilt this virile race, but such authorities as Sir Frederick Lugard believe them still capable of a great future.
  • But the steady growth of slavery in the East and of a virile democracy in the West neutralized this influence and compelled the assembling of the constitutional convention of 1829, whose purpose was to revise the fundamental law in such a way as to give the more populous counties of the West their legitimate weight in the legislature.
  • Then, selecting some of the later and less virile scholastics as victims, they ask how men could be seriously interested in their trivialities.