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  • The vowels are a, i, u, e, o, which are not distinguished as long or short in writing, except in loan words transcribed from the Sanskrit, &c., though they are so in the vernaculars in the case of words altered by phonetic detrition.
  • It may be interesting to mention, as an illustration of their heterogeneousness, that early in the 20th century a list of no less than fifty languages, spoken in Jerusalem as vernaculars, was there drawn up by a party of men whose various official positions enabled them to possess accurate information on the subject.1 It is therefore no easy task to write concisely and at the same time with sufficient fullness on the ethnology of Palestine.
  • These are grouped according to the following system: - Vernaculars of India.
  • Andamanese (1882) Gipsy Languages (344,143) Others (125) Total Vernaculars of India 147 The only representatives of the Malayo-Polynesian group in India .are the Selungs of the Mergui Archipelago and the Nicobarese.
  • The chief languages spoken are vernaculars of Baluchistan, Pushtu, Panjabi, Urdu and Sindhi.

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