Sentence Examples

  • Roberts's list of southern variables (ibid.
  • Pierpont, Lectures on the Theory of Functions of Real Variables (1905).
  • Symbolic Form.-Restricting consideration, for the present, to binary forms in a single pair of variables, we must introduce the symbolic form of Aronhold, Clebsch and Gordan; they write the form Iln n n-1 n-1 n n n aixi+a2x2) = 44+(1) a l a 2 x 1 x2+...+a2.x2=az wherein al, a2 are umbrae, such that n-1 n-1 n a 1, a 1 a 2, ...a 1 a 2, a2 are symbolical respreentations of the real coefficients �o, ai,...
  • Thus we shall be able to specify the system completely when the number of variables, viz.
  • This is of degree 8 in the coefficients, and degree 6 in the variables, and, for the canonical form, has the expression -9m 6 (x 3 +y 3 +z 3) 2 - (2m +5m 4 +20m 7) (x3 +y3+z3)xyz - (15m 2 +78m 5 -12m 8) Passing on to the ternary quartic we find that the number of ground forms is apparently very great.