Varenyky Definition


Boiled dumplings stuffed with potato, cheese, or other filling; a serving of these; plural form of varenyk.


Origin of Varenyky

  • From Ukrainian варе́ники plural (varényky), singular варе́ник (varényk). Also borrowed from Russian варе́ники (varéniki), Plautdietsch wareniki, and others. The Ukrainian term descends from ва́рений (várenyj, “boiled”), from вари́ти (varýty, “to boil, to cook”), from Old East Slavic варити (variti), from Proto-Slavic *variti (“to cook”) + masculine ending -ик (-yk). Compare вар (var, “boiling liquid; cooking, boiling”), from Proto-Slavic *varъ, from Proto-Indo-European *wer- (“to burn, blacken”).

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