Sentence Examples

  • Similarly if we have F more unknowns than we have equations to determine them, we must fix arbitrarily F coordinates before we fix the state of the whole system.
  • The number F is called the number of degrees of freedom of the system, and is measured by the excess of the number of unknowns over the number of variables.
  • But questions remained—the big three unknowns of who, why, and when.
  • Sometimes his x has to do duty twice, for different unknowns, in one problem.
  • He first divides by the factor x -x', reducing it to the degree m - I in both x and x' where m>n; he then forms m equations by equating to zero the coefficients of the various powers of x'; these equations involve the m powers xo, x, - of x, and regarding these as the unknowns of a system of linear equations the resultant is reached in the form of a determinant of order m.