Sentence Examples

  • He died in his house in Arlington Street, London, on the 22nd of January 1763.
  • In August 1670 he was again in Paris, and Arlington proposed that he should receive a pension from Louis; Charles II.
  • Yet when there appeared a prospect that the king would show her favour, the intrigue was vigorously pushed by the French ambassador, Colbert de Croissy, aided by the secretary of state, Lord Arlington, and his wife.
  • He received the brevets of major for Cerro Gordo, lieut.- colonel for Contreras-Churubusco and colonel for Chapultepec. After the war he was employed in engineer work at Washington and Baltimore, during which time, as before the war, he resided on the great Arlington estate, near Washington, which had come to him through his wife.
  • The personal history of Lee is lost in the history In 1859, while at Arlington on leave, he was summoned to cornof the great crisis of America's national life; friends and foes mand the United States troops sent to deal with the John alike acknowledged the purity of his motives, the virtues of his Brown raid on Harper's Ferry.