Sentence Examples

  • Architects, turners, tilemakers, decorative artists and sculptors, coming from China and from Korea, erected grand temples for the worship of Buddha enshrining images of much beauty and adorned with paintings and carvings of considerable merit.
  • Betel nuts have been used by turners for ornamental purposes, and for coat buttons on account of the beauty of their structure.
  • The wood is highly valued by carriage-builders, upholsterers and turners, on account of its toughness and tenacity, and in Russia it is prized as firewood and a source of charcoal.
  • In 1901 the number of persons employed in engineering and machine-making - including 24,122 ironfounders, 24,944 blacksmiths, 26,567 fitters, turners and erectors, 9767 boiler-makers and 18,618 undefined - amounted to 118,736.
  • Turners use it for light bowls, &c. T.