Sentence Examples

  • Mihr or Mithras and Feridoun or Thraetaona, the slayer of Ajis (or Azi) Dahaka, also Nariman, spelled Nairimanau, are familiar figures in the old Persian pantheon.
  • Antrim, and spelled the family name "McKinlay."
  • The identification is rendered uncertain by the fact that the name Nabataean is properly spelled with t not t (on the inscriptions, cf.
  • Towards 1325 we hear of him as preaching with great effect 1 The name is variously spelled: Eckehart, Eckart, Eckhard.
  • According to the developed cuneiform system of writing, words may be written by means of a sign (or combination of signs) expressive of the entire word, or they may be spelled out phonetically in syllables.