Sentence Examples

  • Even though Spellbound body lotion is no longer available for purchase via traditional outlets like department stores, it’s still possible to scoop up leftover stock of the richly decadent product.
  • Also, since the site is run by auction, chances are you can score a great deal and pay less than you would have if you went through other avenues to find Spellbound body lotion.
  • We remained spellbound, not even bothering to check our notes as his accuracy became apparent.
  • Until the Restoration of 1640 the stage remained spellbound by the Spaniards, and when a court once more came to Lisbon it preferred Italian opera, French plays, and zarzuelas to dramatic performances in the vernacular, with the result that both Portuguese authors and actors of repute disappeared.
  • They were sitting around the dining room table, spellbound as Fred gave witness to past purchases and profits.