Sentence Examples

  • It's difficult to measure the effectiveness of this weight loss approach in scientific studies because there is some evidence to suggest an element of placebo affect occurs when certain people are hypnotized.
  • If you are willing and follow the instructions of the hynotist or instructions for the free hypnosis online methods, then you can be hypnotized.
  • After Medula hypnotized Wonder woman in Wonder Woman and the Mind Maidens, it takes all her super friends to come to her rescue.
  • In the episode, Wonder Woman and the Mind Maidens, the evil Medula hypnotized Wonder Woman and her friend Jayna with a will booster contraption, the premise was that the will booster would help women rule the world unopposed.
  • On the popular Super Friends cartoon series, superheroes known for fighting the bad guys were caught in the middle when an evil super villain forces hypnotized Wonder Woman to think she was part of the dark side.