Sentence Examples

  • The large loans raised in Europe, the first instalment of which Byron had himself brought over, while providing the Greeks with the sinews of war, provided seco n d civil w them also with fresh material for strife.
  • On his fidelity the king had to rely both for military aid in times of baronial revolt and for the collection of the money which formed the sinews of war.
  • In his eagerness to collect the sinews of war he had issued orders for the levy of a heavy customs duty on wool, the main export of the land, and in some cases laid hands on the wool itself, which lay ready for shipping, though this had not been granted him by the late parliament.
  • It was they, these soldiers--wounded and unwounded--it was they who were crushing, weighing down, and twisting the sinews and scorching the flesh of his sprained arm and shoulder.
  • NI.PoPr, in order to secure VOlundr's services, lamed him by cutting the sinews of his knees, and then established him in a smithy on a neighbouring island.