Sentence Examples

  • The traditional moccasin worn by Native Americans was made of soft leather and was sewn with sinew to bring it together neatly.
  • The Dene (Tinneh) peoples used strips of hide for snowshoes and game-bags, sewed their deerskin clothing with sinew thread, and embroidered in split quill.
  • These are distinguished by circular huts with domed or conical roofs; clothing of skin or leather; occasional chipping or extraction of lower incisors; spears as the principal weapons, bows, where found, with a sinew cord, shields of hide or leather; religion, ancestor-worship with belief in the power of the magicians as rain-makers.
  • In a few verses the "wrestling" ('-b -k) of Jacob (ya'agob) is associated with the Jabbok ()labboq); his "striving" explains his name Israel; at Peniel he sees "the face of God," and when touched on his vulnerable spot - the hollow of the thigh - he is lamed, hence "the children of Israel eat not the sinew of the hip which is upon the hollow of the thigh unto this day" (xxxii.
  • 14); and why the hip sinew might not be eaten (xxxii.