Sentence Examples

  • The extra layer the cami provides is usually enough to prevent any embarrassing see-through situations - however, just to make sure, it's always a good idea to look at your outfit in a brightly lit room before you head outdoors.
  • That said, be aware that there are plenty of completely see-through fishnet designs, so be certain you're getting the exact style you wish, as well as whether your swimsuit will be welcomed wherever you plan to wear it.
  • You'll probably find mesh briefs on the "player" types in the clubs, but you could be surprised to take the Clark Kent-esque bookworm back to your place and discover that he, too, is a big fan of see-through skivvies.
  • The Necessity look is actually a thong bikini, but even that is not the attention grabbing headline; it's the fact that this swimsuit, particularly when wet and in the Shiny Peach color, is completely see-through!
  • This style creates a see-through effect so when you hang the mirror on your wall, the paint color of your wall becomes part of the overall design of the seashells with glimpses of the colored wall peeking through.