Sentence Examples

  • Although these tiny Filmy Ferns are hardy and beautiful, yet the conditions for their successful culture occur so seldom that in a general sense they cannot be used with effect in the open air.
  • Whether she is comfortable in a rich yet modest fabric or the sheerest and shortest of filmy threads, her lingerie is as intimate as every curve it is designed to hug.
  • Young resembling parents, but penultimate instar passive and enclosed in a filmy pellicle.
  • From the surfaces of all objects there are continually flowing thin filmy images exactly copying the solid body whence they originate; and these images by direct impact on the organism produce (we need not care to ask how) the phenomena of vision.
  • It generally makes its nest in a hollow branch, plastering up the opening with clay, leaving only a circular hole just large enough to afford entrance and exit; and the interior contains a bed of dry leaves or the filmy flakes of the inner bark of a fir or cedar, on which the eggs are laid.