Sentence Examples

  • You still have your scan visor, and you can gather data on literally everything around you, which really immerses you in the beautiful landscapes this game has to offer.
  • Zooming in on Master Chief's visor, you'll be able to see "everything in front of him reflected in it, right down to the ammo counter in his rifle."
  • Prices vary greatly for mountain bike helmets, but you should look for one that features air vents, a sun visor, and Consumer Product Safety Commission notification on the side.
  • It seems that Moustakis had the opportunity to show the pieces to Spiner, who said the visor wasn't authentic because he had sold the original on eBay years before.
  • If you're going to be in the sun all day, the Ozone Tech is ideal - its hood comes with a sun visor, thus cooling and protecting the head, neck and eyes.